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A native Texan with over 25 years of service in Public Safety. Russell has held office in various nonprofit organizations, working and serving in many capacities from President and Director of Operations to Secretary and Treasurer. Today, he continues working in Public Safety; although the private sector, Fire and Life Safety Industry as well as holds public office as Precinct Chair for his voting precinct.

“...increasingly concerned regarding the direction of our Country, an old friend shared several local groups with me. While listening to the members of these groups, I felt a sense of belonging as their thoughts and concerns echoed my own. People that were disgruntled with the “politics as usual” approach by members of the political establishment. Disenfranchised by the elitists who have made our decisions for us. I was confident that investing my time and effort in these organizations would be my responsibility for the foreseeable future.” - Russell Rogers

Russell Rogers, Treasurer

Russell Rogers, Treasurer

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“What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?” He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Lone Star Patriots

Mission Statement “Inspiring Citizens To Embrace Our Founders’ Charge To Be Self Governed”

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