Welcome to our website.  Here we will share information about our scheduled meetings on our "EVENTS" page.  We have regular meetings with our members at least once a month on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  Our meetings are for the general public as well, so please join us!  All are welcome.  Most meetings are free of charge, but we sell tickets once in a while to raise funds for our scholarship program.  When we sell tickets we will always inform you ahead of time.


We schedule interesting guests to speak to our members in order to keep the grassroots informed about current issues.  We touch on local, state and national topics.  Please check back here often for updates and news.  Click the map down below for our regular meeting location unless we give special instructions for an alternative venue location, which does happen from time to time.   Be sure and sign up for our emails so we can send you invitations to our meetings, campaign forums and other events we will be having.  We post all of this information on our calender page as well. 

We had a great forum with Chad Prather and Don Huffines at our October 2021 meeting.  Thank you to the both of them.


We will be taking a break over the holidays and there will not be any regular meetings with members in November or December 2021.

We will have our regular board meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at the Co Op in Burleson.

Be sure and check our "EVENTS" calender for upcoming Regular Meetings, which will resume in January 2022.

We will be having a candidate forum on the fourth Tuesday of January 2022.  That date will be January 25, 2022.  We will be having all the Johnson County candidates who wish to attend and we also hope to confirm for a short speech, the candidates for SD10 (which most of us are now part of as a result of redistricting, Brian Birdwell's previous seat in SD22)  The candidates for SD10 currently are Representative Phil King and Warren Norred.