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2019 Annual Meeting - New Officers Selected

The Texas Patriots Tea Party held their annual members meeting on the evening of Tuesday, July 23.

At the meeting, several major orders of business were addressed:

  • 4 of the Bylaws were amended

  • A new slate of officers were elected to serve

  • Discussion about the reorganization/retooling of the TPTP

  • Discussion regarding renaming the TPTP

  • Bylaw Changes

    • Sections 1.1 - Revised to provide the Board of Directors the authority to register any new DBA (Doing Business As) as necessary to "advance the purpose of the organization."​

    • Section 2.3, Paragraph 2 - strike the sentence "A director may serve no more than two consecutive terms."

    • Section 2.7 - provide clarification in the last sentence, describing the annual meeting as a meeting of the members, not the Board of Directors.

    • Section 3.1 - strike the clause "a majority of whom are board members" from the description of the authorized members of a committee. This opens up committee membership to more non-Board members.

  • 2019-2020 Texas Patriots Tea Party Officers

    • President: Paul Hodson

    • 1st Vice-President: Jeff Mashburn

    • Secretary: Peggie Jones

    • Treasurer: Gilbert Ramos

    • Directors:

      • Bob Mize (term expires in 2020)​

      • Zach Wallace (term expires in 2020)

      • Derek Weathers (term expires in 2020)

      • Floyd Adams (term expires in 2021)

      • Freda Adams (term expires in 2021)

      • Daniel Hare (term expires in 2021)

      • Paul Jones (term expires in 2021)

  • Reorganization and New Name Discussion

Both of these items are related. After much discussion and input, and many ideas, it was determined to let the new officers (Board of Directors) collaborate and then present their final ideas to the members.

Included is the idea to provide members the opportunity to vote on the New Name, from a final slate of 3 or 4 options.

“What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?” He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Lone Star Patriots

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