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Our Values

• A Constitutional Republic 

• Limited Government

• Fiscal Responsibility

• Personal Responsibility

• National Sovereignty

• Lower Taxes

• The Rule of Law 

The Texas Patriots Tea Party [TPTP] is a Texas nonprofit corporation and recently approved by the Federal Government as a 501c4 tax exempt entity [after 5 years of wrangling with the IRS].

"The purpose of this organization is to encourage, promote and educate voters and potential voters about the United States Constitution and the founding principles of the United States of America." TPTP Bylaws



The United States is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic that relies on elected representatives who follow the requirements laid out in our U.S. Constitution.


We believe in small, effective city, county, state and federal governments. We are not against government, but we are against an overriding, intrusive government that overreaches and takes up authorities not specified in the U.S. or Texas State Constitutions.


We want our elected representatives to demand fiscal responsibility within our government entities. 


We also expect our elected leaders, our community organizations, our religious leaders and all of our citizens to take responsibility for the words and actions. A strong moral and ethical character is expected of our neighbors and elected officials and ourselves.


A country is classically defined by its border, its culture and its language.  We support effective border control and strong immigration programs to ensure that America gets stronger by choosing whom it allows into our country and whom we elect to government offices that effect the policies of our culture. We also believe the unifying language of English is important to unify our country.


The tea party movement began with our revulsion of the buyouts and scandals on Wall Street during the latter Bush years. We didn't like the Obama "stimulus" and felt American citizens were "Taxed Enough Already" [hence, TEA].


We believe the concepts engraved in the U.S. and Texas Constitution and all of the ancillary laws and statues related to those documents are the outcome of our effective representative and legislative process. Although no law is perfect, we do support what laws have been enacted and push for better and better legislation. America is a law- and God-based society and we will defend those principles.

“What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?” He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Lone Star Patriots

Mission Statement “Inspiring Citizens To Embrace Our Founders’ Charge To Be Self Governed”

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