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Why did we vote? I know our vote was more of an opinion poll but one has to wonder why. We voted that we didn't want democrat committee chairs, yet the Speaker of the House, a Republican I might ad, appointed the majority of committee chairs to Democrats. I ask again, why did we vote.

Time Change-We voted and I'm not even sure the subject was or has been addressed. I for one am getting to old to keep changing times. I'm thinking I need a nap about now.

Property Taxes-I do know the subject had been addressed and there are some bills out there but who knows where they'll go. The schools are raping people. The unnecessary spending needs to end. The focus needs to be on education not how fancy all the extra curricular activity areas are. It amazed me that a school had funds to put new turf in the ball fields but needed a bond to remodel a school for safety issues. Then complained the bond didn't pass. Another area school has a huge bond they're asking the residents to pass. This is just another one on top of another one on top of the one before it. And it's not just in our area. It's wasteful spending all over the state.

I can't remember what else we voted on but I'm wondering why-if nothings going to happen. Even the hard work of the Republican party to set forth the priorities seem to be put on the back burner.

And can you believe, the House voted 100% to make Valentines day National LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce day. What the H3!!. Really!!!!!! The majority Republican House!!!!! What's next?? Do they even consider they're constituents when voting?

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“What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?” He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

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