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I want to start by thanking the candidates that attended the Candidate forum on the 28th. We met some great people striving to make their cities better.

We started the forum off with the ISD candidates from Burleson (Rob Duke, Shandy Stogsdill, Caleb Mitchell), Godley (Kayla Lain, Nova Olson) and Joshua (Georgia Head, Angela Tolliver). Straight across the board they all had the same concerns in their school districts. None of them have liked the way they've been treated at school board meetings. School board Trustees are voted in to office by the people but once they get there TASB tells them what they can and can't do. Like the Carroll ISD, I would personally like to see the ISD's in our area withdraw from TASB. School Boards need to remember they are there for the people and the teachers. No one should feel threatened by the people they voted for-and that's just exactly what is happening-from parents to teachers. Our schools boards are out of control. From the bonds and spending they want the tax payers to agree to, the lack of accountability on what's going on in our schools. It's here, CRT, bad books, DEI. All of it because of the decisions of our school boards. I'm not saying everything the school boards are doing is bad-I'm saying there's a lot that can be done to improve them and bring them back in touch with the what the parents really want in schools.

CITY COUNCIL'S. What can I say. Godley has 10 candidates. We were honored to have at least 1 (Scott Yarbrough) attend the Forum. If I lived in the City of Godley he'd have my vote. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with "out with the old and in with the new". Like the school board candidates the candidate from Burleson (Jake Wernette) and Cleburne (James Stuer) have similar concerns in their cities. One of the main thing is to listen to the people. Decisions are made by city councils knowing the majority of the residents in their city oppose it. These candidates want to get back to the basics of why they would be elected. They will be elected by the people and are working for the people. They also see the need for balance and strive to work together for the needs of the people and cities. And like School Boards, the city councils need more accountability on spending and the decisions they're making. My personal opinion: When a candidate runs on conservative Christian values and is elected, that's what his constituents expect from them. They're expected to stand up for their belief's. That's why they were elected. I don't believe anyone should be reprimanded for standing up for their values and beliefs. Again, just my person opinion.

MAYOR FLETCHER. Though his opponent Ronnie Johnson was unable to attend, Mayor Fletcher spoke on some of his accomplishments as mayor. Many things going on in Burleson were voted on before his time so there's nothing that can be done. Moving forward he'll work for what's best for the citizens and community.

All candidates that I could acquire contact information for were invited to the forum!

We are being pushed into a Godless society where evil is the norm and Christians are the minority. We need to quit looking the other way in fear of being labelled. We need to come together as Christians and stand together to fight the evil seeping into our world. We need to stand strong with our Christian brothers and sisters and fight to bring God back into our schools and cities.

Peggie Jones


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Patti Burkhart
Patti Burkhart
Apr 03, 2023

Where is the video link of the candidates? I've watched it and wanted to share with others?


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