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At What Cost is Liberty?

On October 2, 1835, the spark that ignited the flame of the Texas Revolution was lit in Gonzales.

Like the Texians 186 years ago, today we face the same question:

At what cost is Liberty?


Our friends at Texas Public Policy Foundation produced this short (10 minute) historical drama, “Forging Texas, Episode 1: Season of Revolution,” personalizing the challenges we face when our liberty is confronted by tyranny, right at our doorstep.


“Santa Anna has asked us to return his cannon, else he would withdraw the protection that he owes to us as his constituents… and in my eyes, that makes us constituents no more.

“Let us give him a proper response.”


Just before this challenge is uttered, we hear Naomi appeal to the men, referencing the value of her young son Thomas:

“A man cannot understand how much more a mother values the life of her child than her own.

“For his life to be without liberty is not one at all.

“I came here on a promise, and I intend to defend it!”


At what cost is Liberty?

Like it or not, we are all going to find out what cost we are, or aren’t, willing to pay.

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Mission Statement “Inspiring Citizens To Embrace Our Founders’ Charge To Be Self Governed”

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