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Looking forward to seeing you!

I hope to see everyone Tuesday night as we welcome Allen West as our guest speaker. I know many of us have heard him speak before but not as a gubernatorial candidate.

As we move forward into what appears to be the unknown with our rights and freedoms being squashed by big government we need to become informed and educated in our choices for the future.

So many times the comment is made that you know nothing about the candidates running for office. Well, this is your chance to meet Allen West and listen to his ideas for the future of Texas. You just have to take the time to come listen.

Next month we’ll have Don Huffhines and Chad Prather. Two more gubernatorial candidate. this is your opportunity, grasp it.

Lone Star Patriots goal is to educate and inform voters on candidates and upcoming issues on the ballot. After the Thanksgiving and Christmas break we’ll be hosting another candidate forum for those running for offices is Johnson County.

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“What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?” He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Lone Star Patriots

Mission Statement “Inspiring Citizens To Embrace Our Founders’ Charge To Be Self Governed”

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